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A carpet pad, or carpet cushion if you like, is the material that is used as a foundation for your carpet. While most people believe that carpet padding is intended for comfort, the truth is that the main reason is to absorb impact and prevent carpet bubbling.

If a carpet is subjected to constant impact in the absence of a cushion, it is likely to deteriorate because the fibers will break down from the stress.

When choosing carpet pads, it is important to choose one that is the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. But even more critically, it is necessary to understand what options you have to choose from. There are different types of carpet pads:


This type of padding was popularized in the 1970s and 1980s, and consists of spongy material that is shaped like a waffle on the surface. A reason why most people will go for waffle pad is because it feels soft underfoot and can be therefore be quite comfy and cozy. It is also pocket friendly.

Unfortunately, the reason for its softness is also the reason why you might want to stay away from waffle pad. The high proportion of air in the material means the pad is very soft but also not sturdy enough to withstand impact. For this reason it is not durable.


This pocket-friendly carpet pad comes in two forms-prime and frothed. Prime urethane foam is made from pieces of foam that are cut into sheets. Frothed urethane originates from the frothing together of liquid foam ingredients. Prime foam tends to be softer underfoot owing to the fact that it contains air. Frothed foam tends to be denser and can be more expensive than prime foam.


Sometimes referred to as rebond, this type of carpet pad is currently the most popular in the market today. Made from recycled material, this carpet padding is a good choice for anyone wishing to do something great for the environment.

Rebond comes from recycled scrap urethane foam (left over after furniture and automotive production) that has been fused using heat and adhesive.


This is a premium type of padding that is made from the same material as waffle pad. The difference is that the air content is minimal, and as such the density of the padding is higher. This means that it can withstand a lot of impact, and wear and tear.

Usually, it is recommended that you should replace your padding when replacing your carpet. In the case of flat rubber, this is not necessary. You can be sure that your flat rubber padding will outlive a majority of your carpets.


This type of padding is usually made from natural fibers such as jute. It is good for the environment and is the oldest type of carpet padding. Modern day fiber cushion makes use of scrap fiber. This type of padding is best suited for smaller areas such as area rugs. It is not advisable to use it under basement carpets as it is more prone to rot and mildew.

Both carpet pads and professional carpet cleaning help to extend the lifetime of your carpet. Be sure to hire Chem-Dry of Bexar County each year for deep cleaning to remove dirt, germs and allergens from your home. Call (210) 680-4891 today!