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Whether or not to take off your shoes before coming inside a house is a debate that cuts across countries.

In some cultures, such as in Japan where meals are taken on a mat, and beds consist of futons that are laid on the floors, taking off one’s shoes is expected. In other countries, such as the USA, asking someone to remove their shoes indoors might be frowned upon.

With so many opinions about what is right or wrong regarding wearing shoes indoors, the best course of action is to explore the facts about wearing shoes indoors.



The soles of your shoes contain millions of bacteria. This is a fact that is backed up by science. A study undertaken by the University of Arizona showed that the exterior part of shoes contain over 421,000 units of bacteria.

These bacteria include E.coli and even Clostridium difficile. These are microbes you do not want to track through your floors and carpets, as you will be exposing your household to numerous infections.

If you have young kids and babies who spend a lot of time crawling through floors, wearing your shoes indoors should be the last thing on your mind.

Babies will crawl through floors, and take their tiny hands straight to their mouths. The end result is numerous infections and ailments. You want your carpet clear of bacteria and dirt and to schedule carpet cleaning safe for babies when the time comes.


On top of naturally occurring organisms that live on the soles of your shoes, you should also be worried about toxins that you come across in day to day life. These toxins include substances like pesticides, herbicides, and even lead. These toxins expose you to the risk of gastrointestinal upsets and even skin rashes.


Wearing your shoes indoors means that on top of the bacteria and toxins, you have to worry about the dirt you bring inside the house. More dirt means you have to invest more time in cleaning and spend more money buying cleaning products. This is exhausting and wasteful.

What’s more, a lot of cleaning wears out your floors and carpets much faster. In the end, you have a huge bill that you could have avoided just by taking off your shoes!


You’ve been wearing your shoes the whole day-at the gym, at the office, at the grocery store, at the coffee shop. Do yourself a favor and give your feet a chance to be out of your shoes once you get home.

However comfortable your shoes might feel, your feet are much better off out of them. Confining your feet to shoes 24/7 does nothing for their flexibility or strength. In fact, studies have shown that children who spend more time barefoot have a lesser chance of developing flat feet and other pediatric deformities.

If you have been wearing your shoes indoors, you might want to try the alternative and see how much you and your feet like it.

It might seem like a hassle-removing your shoes every time you need to get into your house-but the fact is, the benefits outweigh the few seconds you’ll spend taking off your shoes.

It’s best to remove your shoes before entering your home. You should request that guests remove their shoes too. This will help protect your carpet from dirt and bacteria. However, over time dirt will still accumulate and you will want to hire a professional carpet cleaner in San Antonio to deep clean for you.

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