new carpet

You just bought new carpet. It looks beautiful. But what is that smell? The smell that comes from brand new carpet is from toxins and it’s the reason it is important to schedule new carpet cleaning after installation.

The most common reason for hiring San Antonio carpet cleaners is due to unsightly stains or the buildup of dirt and soil in the carpet fibers. That’s not the case with new carpet but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaning.

The only thing that will remove the toxins from your brand new carpet is professional deep carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning. The toxins are called volatile organic compounds or VOCs. The VOCs come from various manufacturer chemicals or products for storing and transporting the new carpet from their factories to stores and ultimately to your home.

You will notice the smell of the VOCs right after installation is over. The smells are their strongest for the first 72 hours after installation. The smell will dissipate over time but it will never be gone as long as the VOCs remain in the carpet.

You can help reduce the toxic fumes with ventilation from ceiling fans, floor fans and open doors and windows in your home. But ventilation does not remove the VOCs.

To remove the VOCs and eliminate toxic fumes in your home, hire a local carpet cleaning company in San Antonio.

Chem-Dry of Bexar County carpet cleaning uses green solutions and all-natural products for healthy and successful results.

Our solution, The Natural®, permeates carpet fibers and lifts the VOCs and toxins from them. Then we remove the toxins with our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) equipment and transfer them to disposal tanks.

Your carpet will dry very fast because we don’t need much water for our service so you can get right back to enjoying your new carpet right away!

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