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Your carpet will wear down over time. That’s true of almost everything. After a long enough period of time, the quality of everything in your home will start to deteriorate. The good news is there are ways to delay carpet wear and extend its lifetime to avoid needing to purchase new carpet too soon.

When carpet wear occurs it is irreversible. You cannot hire a San Antonio carpet cleaner to reverse the deterioration of carpet from general traffic and use. This process is inevitable but it can be delayed.

The first thing you can do is to vacuum your carpet as often as possible. The vacuum will remove surface level dirt and prevent it from permeating carpet fibers and becoming embedded in them. The deep embedded dirt is the kind that will eventually lead to carpet wear. The more you vacuum the less dirt and particles permeate the surface.

The other thing you can do is rearrange your furniture. If you rearrange the furniture in your living room and bedrooms it will create new traffic patterns in your home. These new patterns will prevent any one area from being walked on over and over and over.

You can also place area rugs and rug runners in heavy traffic areas. This way you only have to replace the rugs every few years and not the carpet. It is also a fun way to bring new colors and décor into your home.

The last way and the most effect way to delay carpet wear is to schedule carpet cleaning every 12 months.

Chem-Dry of Bexar County carpet cleaning in San Antonio, TX removes the deep embedded dirt from the carpet. This ensures that no particles or dirt are ever in your carpet for longer than a year and have less chance to permanently wear down the carpet fibers.

If you vacuum on a regular basis, use area rugs and runners, rearrange furniture and schedule San Antonio carpet cleaners you will significantly delay carpet wear in your home.

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