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In spite of the many and amazing benefits that carpets provide, homeowners should also beware of common allergens in dirty carpet. If you are an overly sensitive person to allergens, then this article is yours.

Understanding this will help you put in place the right measures for keeping your carpet free from any substance that can cause an allergic reaction. Having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis will help prevent them. Here are the common allergens in dirty carpet:


Dust is no doubt the number one allergen at homes. Besides being an allergen, it harbors pests such as mites, lice, and many others. If your carpet isn’t cleaned, then a host of health issues will surely follow, and you’ll definitely do not want to experience such situations. Therefore, don’t keep your carpet dirty as it’s not good for your health and that of your loved ones at home.


The warm and humid conditions in carpeted areas at home are perfect places for dust mites if they are not cleaned thoroughly as well as regularly. Dust mites are allergens and can cause health problems. Therefore, try your best to keep your carpet clean and free from dust. With the right cleaning measures in place and a determination to keep your carpet clean, dust mites will never bother you or be the cause of serious health issues/allergic reactions at home.


Leaving your carpet dirty makes it a favorable place for mold growth. Their growth is made even faster by the presence of humid conditions or water damage problem. Even in small quantities, mold spores allergens can cause serious reactions and when they grow your carpet will start rotting. Indeed, the presence of mold spores allergens at home threatens your health. Therefore, keep your carpet clean and have water damage problems fixed as fast as possible and properly.


Open spaces at home mainly the doors and windows can let in pollen, and once it’s in, it gets trapped in carpet. Pollen can cause serious allergic reactions especially if you are an overly sensitive person. Though pollen is seasonal, you need to keep your carpet clean so do not give pollen a good place to stay and cause allergic reactions. Also, remember to keep your doors and windows shut during the pollen season.


Cats and dogs (common home pets) often shed off their dead skin cells and fur as well. Depending on the size, this dander can get into the carpet or even become airborne. Whichever case, the fact is that they are serious allergens especially if you do not clean your carpets as often as possible and you have pets at home. Fortunately, pet dander can be easily removed by cleaning both the carpet and pets regularly.

A dirty carpet triggers allergies and other health problems that can be costly to treat. Your carpet should make your home look beautiful and not cause health problems. Keep it clean, and you’ll enjoy a healthy and beautiful living space at home.

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