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Businesses in San Antonio need routine commercial carpet cleaning for a healthy environment for their customers and their employees too. Is it time for you to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service for your business?

Don’t wait to schedule deep cleaning for the carpet in your office or restaurant until the carpet looks dirty. If it looks dirty you have already waited too long and dirt beneath the surface has started to wear down carpet fibers and the quality of the carpet.

You should schedule routine professional carpet cleaning multiple times each year, perhaps twice a year for office buildings and up to three or four times a year for a restaurant. Spills are inevitable at a restaurant and it is imperative your business appear clean in order for customers to eat there.

Don’t rely on a janitorial service for carpet cleaning in San Antonio, TX. These services are great for several cleaning projects throughout the months and years but for deep cleaning of carpet it should be left for certified professionals.

Be sure to hire a service that has powerful equipment and healthy solutions for your business. Avoid carpet cleaners that use too much soap or water in their process as it often results in immediate resoiling and the need for additional cleaning appointments right away.

Also be sure to hire a San Antonio carpet cleaner that offers flexible scheduling. You don’t want someone in your business cleaning the carpet the same time you have customers or while your employees are trying to get their jobs done.

Most professional companies provide a FREE ESTIMATE prior to starting to clean the carpet at your business. There is often a discount on carpet cleaning prices for commercial carpet cleaning services.

Chem-Dry of Bexar County in San Antonio offers commercial carpet cleaning throughout the area for local shops, rental properties, offices, restaurants, government buildings and more.

Our process doesn’t use soap or water or chemicals. We use solutions that won’t harm your carpet or put the health of your customers and employees at risk. In fact, our service is actually healthy! We remove 98% of allergens from carpet.

To schedule commercial carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of Bexar County, call (210) 680-4891 today!