party guests

It is fun to host a party in your home. But it is a mess too. You have so much fun during the party but it is no fun cleaning up after parties. Your guests come and go and leave behind a big mess to clean up after. Here are some tips to help with cleaning up after your party is over:

You should purchase disposable silverware and dinnerware for the food you serve at your party. This assumes you are serving handheld foods or appetizers and are not hosting a fancy dinner or hosting holiday guests for Thanksgiving. You can have guests use the plastic silverware and then throw it away in garbage bags when they are done. If you don’t have to wash piles of dirty dishes after the party, the cleanup process will be much faster.

Speaking of garbage bags, be sure one is available in every room of your home. You want your guests to be able to find the garbage right away before something fun at the party distracts them and they forget to throw away their garbage.

You should also consider hosting the party outside in your yard if the weather is nice. You can allow guests to use your bathroom or relax in the cool air in your home for a minute but if the party is mostly held outdoors your home should be relatively clean after everyone leaves.

If the party is indoors, we recommend asking guests to remove their shoes. You might not be comfortable doing this but your carpet will be much cleaner if you don’t let everyone walk on it with their shoes. You can buy booties or guest slippers for guests that are not very expensive.

If your party budget allows it, the easiest way to clean up after a party is to hire a local maid service in San Antonio. You should also hire a San Antonio carpet cleaner if any carpet stains occur during the party in your home.

Chem-Dry of Bexar County in San Antonio, TX removes common food and liquid stains from carpet and deeper dirt and soils in the fibers and pad of your carpet. We remove red wine, soda, sauces and other stains often associated with parties.

Call (210) 680-4891 for Chem-Dry of Bexar County carpet cleaning after your party but first, have fun!