cleaning checklist

There are several cleaning chores for homeowners to remember. There are chores that need to be done all the time and others that only need to be done once a month or once a year. How can you remember to complete all the chores? Daily vacuuming and yearly carpet cleaning? Create a cleaning checklist!

A cleaning checklist is a great tool to organize your chores and remember to complete them. You can create the checklist on a piece of paper or on your computer. You could even download an app or create the list on your smartphone so it is with you all of the time. This will be convenient when you are commuting or if you are at the store and need to purchase cleaning supplies and materials.

You should organize the cleaning checklist by separating each task based on how often it needs to be completed. You should first list all of your daily chores for your home. Daily chores include vacuuming, laundry, dishes and taking out garbage. You can complete these chores or assign them to other people in your home on your checklist.

Then create a list for weekly chores that includes mopping floors, cleaning showers and toilets and other tasks that are not quite as routine as the daily cleaning list.

Now create a list for jobs to be done each month. Monthly cleaning jobs include washing bedding, cleaning the refrigerator and cleaning your oven.

After that is your yearly cleaning list. Yearly jobs around your home include cleaning the gutters, organizing your garage, cleaning your fireplace and hiring a carpet cleaning San Antonio company for deep cleaning.

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Do you think a cleaning checklist will help you stay organized? We hope that it does!

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