There are several San Antonio carpet cleaners to choose from. A search of “carpet cleaner near me” online results in dozens of local carpet cleaning companies. The bad news is that some local services perform carpet cleaning scams on their customers.

There are many forms of carpet cleaning scams but the most common is called “bait and switch”. This happens when a steam cleaner advertises a very low price for their service. The price could be as low as $20 per room. Then when the carpet cleaner arrives he claims that the $20 price doesn’t include the cleaning solution or labor costs or some other requirement necessary for carpet cleaning.

This means that it isn’t really $20 to clean the room. Instead the final price ends up being $40 a room and that is what bait and switch is.

Another example of carpet cleaning scams involves the service not using any cleaning solution for their service. Instead of using a cleaning agent, the service just sprays hot water onto the carpet and then vacuums it from the carpet. You don’t want to pay expensive carpet cleaning prices just for someone to spray hot water on your floor.

How do you know which carpet cleaning San Antonio service to choose or trust? Be sure to look for reviews online. You can also ask friends and family if they have used the company before.

One carpet cleaner you can trust is Chem-Dry of Bexar County in San Antonio, TX. We have 30 yeas of experience in delivering superior results our customers love!

We provide a FREE estimate prior to starting our service and use cleaning agents that are eco-friendly and powerful. You can learn more about our process at our website.

Don’t be fooled by carpet cleaning scams. Trust in Chem-Dry of Bexar County for superior results and service. Call (210) 680-4891 for more information.