safe for seniors

Your home deserves a healthy carpet cleaning service for peace of mind and the well-being of everyone who lives there, including senior citizens. Desiring clean carpet in your home shouldn’t require subjecting seniors in your home to harsh chemicals or a process that isn’t 100% safe.

Too many local carpet cleaning companies rely on methods and equipment that require excessive amounts of moisture and harsh chemicals. These services use soaps, detergents and toxins to attempt to remove dirt from carpet.

The most popular of these services is steam cleaning. To steam clean carpet requires a company to flush your carpet with soap to lather and lift dirt from the fibers. Then the equipment sprays gallons of water into the carpet to rinse out the soap and the dirt. This is not a healthy solution for carpet cleaning.

The soap and chemicals introduce toxins into the air of your home and the air you and the senior citizens living there breathe in. The water is another problem. The steam cleaner will not be able to remove all of the water from the carpet. If too much water is left behind for too long it can lead to mold growth in the carpet. Mold is known to cause respiratory issues over time.

You can avoid these issues and hire carpet cleaning safe for seniors. The best choice for this is Chem-Dry of Bexar County in San Antonio, TX. We offer a service free of harsh chemicals that uses 80% less water than steam cleaning.

The process is green-certified and it is safe for babies and safe for pets too! You can enjoy peace of mind and healthy, clean carpet after an appointment from Chem-Dry of Bexar County.

You can schedule an appointment today! Call (210) 680-4891 for Chem-Dry of Bexar County.