Don’t be discouraged by carpet cleaning prices. To protect your carpet and help it maintain its quality and extend its lifetime it is recommended that you hire a San Antonio carpet cleaner every 12 months. But how are carpet cleaning prices determined?

There are several factors that go into the cost of carpet cleaning. One factor that determines how much carpet cleaning costs is the total square feet of carpet you want to have cleaned in your home.

Many carpet cleaning companies in San Antonio offer a set price for cleaning a square foot of carpet and then offer a deal for additional rooms or square footage. You can receive a discounted rate for the more rooms you want clean.

The price of a square foot of carpet cleaning is often reduced for commercial carpet cleaning since there is so much that needs to be cleaned.

Additional costs of carpet cleaning occur if there are stairs that need to be cleaned or stains that require specialty services or cleaning solutions to remove.

The process of pet urine odor removal also leads to increased costs because pet urine requires very specialized treatments in order for it to be removed from carpet successfully.

Don’t be tempted to hire a cheap carpet cleaning service in San Antonio. The low prices often lead to low-quality results and you end up hiring another professional to redo the service entirely or worse there is now permanent damage to the carpet.

New carpet is not cheap and is much more expensive than typical carpet cleaning prices. Consider hiring a professional service an investment in your home.

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We serve San Antonio and have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We provide the proper care for all carpet fibers and materials and deliver superior results than other companies in the area.

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