Almost ever home in San Antonio has dust mites. These small critters are very common allergens found in homes everywhere. Each one is microscopic and invisible to the human eye but millions live in your home. Learn more about dust mites:

There are 13 difference species of dust mites. These allergens live in temperatures of 65-75 degrees in your home. This means humid areas and damp areas are common homes for dust mites. They love to live in bedding, clothing, furniture and carpet.

The reason dust mites love to live in bedding and carpet is because they feed on flakes of human skin. Adult humans shed about 1.5 grams of skin every single day. That much skin is enough to feed over a million dust mites. The little bugs will feed on pet skin flakes too.

This means that while you sleep dust mites infest your bed to eat. Or when you walk around your home you shed the flakes of skin and they fall onto the carpet beneath you.

You don’t want dust mites in your home for hygienic reasons. Dust mites are allergens and cause several unpleasant reactions. Symptoms from dust mites include itchy or red eyes, a stuffy nose or headaches. Asthma suffers experience chest pain and trouble breathing when near dust mites.

You can rid your home of these allergens with a HEPA air filter system and proper ventilation. Open the windows and doors in your home and run floor and ceiling fans often. You can also eliminate dust mites if you hire the right San Antonio carpet cleaner.

Chem-Dry of Bexar County in San Antonio, TX offers carpet cleaning for allergy relief. A recent healthy study discovered that our cleaning solutions and process is able to remove over 98% of common household allergens from carpet and upholstery. This includes hay fever.

Dust mites don’t stand a chance vs. Chem-Dry of Bexar County carpet cleaning. Our solution, The Natural®, surges through carpet fibers and pushes dirt and allergens to the surface. Then our powerful extraction equipment eliminates soil, bacteria and allergens from your home for good!

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