blue carpet on stairs

Different parts of the house require different carpet types, mainly because of the nature of the space and the usage of the same. You need different carpet for basements than for bedrooms or hallways. Stairs are another example.

Stairs are an area of the house that get a lot of foot traffic. Carpet manufacturers will rarely give warranties for stair carpeting for this reason.

The best type of carpet for stairs is one that is the perfect blend of thickness and durability. This way, it feels comfortable to the users, and lasts long enough such that replacement will not be an immediate need.

When shopping for stair carpet, look out for brands that have been labelled as heavy domestic or extra heavy domestic. This label tells you that rigorous testing has been undertaken and the carpet will be able to withstand heavy domestic use a.k.a. feet stomping up and down the stairs many times a day.

On top of getting such a carpet, you should also invest in a hard wearing pad that can absorb impact and take the stress from the carpet. A well-chosen carpet pad will prolong the lifetime of your carpet.

When it comes to natural fibers, wool is the best bet for stairs as it can withstand a lot of traffic without wearing out. A lot of hotels and conference centers will use wool carpeting because of the durability factor, and also because it is stain resistant and therefore low maintenance.

As far as carpet pile selection goes, the best choice for stairs is a low, dense carpet pile. This is able to absorb the impact of footprints and vacuum marks without flattening. Go for carpets that use heavier yarns and looped styles with tight weaves that can withstand tears and pulls.

Color is important when choosing a carpet for the stairs. Light colors will show dirt more easily and faster than darker colors. While dark solid colors are a good bet, adding some patterns and design will not hurt. Of course you have to be careful so the patterns you choose blend in well with the rest of the house d├ęcor theme.

If you are dealing with open stairs, you have to choose a carpet that will bend well in two ways: lengthwise over the front of the stairs, and widthwise at the sides. A high quality Berber with larger loops is your best choice, as it covers the space between rows when bent sideways.

While a carpet for the living area needs to be stain resistant as spills are more likely to occur here, for a stair carpet this is not important. Rather, it is more important to choose a carpet that has soil resistance. This is especially important if you prefer to go barefoot or have pets who can easily track in dirt particles into the house.

Lastly, always ensure that proper installation is done after you have selected the carpet you want. Stair carpets are installed in two ways: waterfall or French cap. The waterfall is the simplest way as it simply cascades the carpet over the steps. The French cap involves wrapping the carpet around the edge of the stair, and tucking it under the lip, thus assuming the shape of the step.

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