Cleaning your carpet is an activity that should be undertaken regularly, and on schedule. You should not clean your carpet only when it looks dirty or you are expecting guests. Cleaning your carpet not only keeps it free from allergens but also helps it last longer as well.

The debate on when the best time to clean your carpet is has been ongoing for a while. Ideally, you should clean your carpet throughout the year, regardless of season.

The truth however is that for most people, resources are limited. There are certain factors that inform how often you should get your carpets cleaned. These include:

  • Number of people living in a household
  • Amount of foot traffic and other use the carpet is subjected to
  • Whether or not there are smokers in the household
  • Whether or not household members suffer allergies

If you have carefully considered these factors and determined that a once in a year cleaning is adequate, it is necessary to ensure that you choose the right time of the year for this cleaning. Let’s take a look at the four seasons and what this means as far as carpet cleaning goes.


If you live in a region where you experience harsh winters, spring may be the best time to have your carpets cleaned. This is because harsh winters tend to come with a lot of moisture and debris that could very easily be tracked to your carpet. After winter is over, you might want to get rid of everything that got itself embedded in your carpet during winter by enlisting thorough professional cleaning services.


Summers are mostly spend outdoors, soaking in the sun and catching up with friends over fun activities. Since you’re not spending a lot of time indoors during summer, the carpet is probably not dirty and could go without cleaning. Another way to look at it is this way-since you’re out most of the time, how about getting your carpet cleaned and airing out the entire house at the same time?


Most people clean their carpets during fall in anticipation for the coming holiday season. If you plan on hosting guests in your house, it definitely makes sense to want them to come to a sparkling house. It is also important to ensure everything is cleaned out before winter as you might not have the chance to clean it out then.


A lot of time is spend indoors during winter. Windows are closed, doors shut and things can get a little stuffy and dirty inside the house. If it is an especially long one, you might want to clean your carpet just to improve the quality of your indoor space and get rid of any accumulating dirt and allergens early enough.

It is apparent that any time of the year is as good as any to get your carpet cleaned. It is always a personal call to make, based on your circumstances and preference and if you can afford to have the carpets cleaned more than once a year, even better!

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