If you’re considering getting your carpet cleaned, you might be torn between hiring professional cleaners and doing it yourself. There are good things to be said about professional carpet cleaners. Here are five of them:


If you clean your carpet the DIY way, you might think that you have eliminated all the dirt since the carpet looks clean. The truth however is that a lot of the allergens embedded deep within the carpet fibers cannot be eliminated with a simple retail carpet cleaning machine hired from the local store.

A professional cleaner has the right equipment and expertise to ensure that all the pet dander, dirt and dust is removed from your carpet. This helps to improve the indoor air quality which is a solid goal for any household.


The equipment used by a professional cleaner is high-powered and not only able to clean efficiently, but dry the carpet as well. This cannot be said for the carpet cleaning machines which are available for hire. These tend to be smaller and have less power and less heat and will most likely leave your carpet too wet for quick drying. The end result is that the carpet will stay damp and mold will start to grow. Mold is harmful to your health and should be avoided always.


Hiring a carpet cleaning machine might seem like a good idea if you are thinking of it in terms of cost. However, the amount of time and work you will need to put into ensuring your carpet is clean is backbreaking at best. Save yourself the trouble by hiring a carpet cleaner. What’s more, cleaning a carpet the DIY way might end up ruining it, which will necessitate a replacement. In the long run DIY cleaning might not be the most cost-effective way after all.


Carpet warranties are a good way of ensuring you are protected in case a carpet turns out faulty in one way or another. Sometimes, carpet manufacturers will specify the type of cleaning to be done in order for a warranty to remain valid. In order to ensure your warranty is in force, you might want to stick to professional carpet cleaners. You never know when you’ll need to use that warranty!


Carpets are not all cleaned the same way and definitely all stains are not removed the same way. While you may have a carpet cleaning machine that you have hired, it is crucial that you understand what to do with it. Professionals know which cleaning agents to use, and what cleaning technique to apply for the best results.

After investing a tidy sum in buying a carpet, the last thing you should be doing is gambling with its cleaning. Let the experts handle the cleaning and your carpet will serve you for a long time to come.

If you have been wondering whether to self-clean or hire professionals for your carpet, then you have these five reasons to convince you that professional cleaners are the better option. Be sure to read our post on 5 Questions for Carpet Cleaners before you decide which service to hire.

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